SEO is dead, right?

SEO was born on July 1, 1997 when a spammer used that term in a newsgroup advertising their services.

This makes SEO as old as these decrepit old people who were born in July 1997:

Malala Yousafzai via Wikimedia Commons

Malala Yousafzai

Sydney Sweeney via Wikimedia Commons/Glenn Francis

Sydney Sweeney

Sabrina Carpenter via Wikimedia Commons

Sabrina Carpenter

You're here because you heard that ChatGPT/Voice Search/Mobile Search/Blended Search/Social Media/Google/SEOs/etc. killed SEO?

Maybe not dead yet...

Searches for the topic of Search Engine Optimization have grown 376% since Google started tracking in 2004 and have never been higher than since they surged during the pandemic.

Looking for a job in SEO? Might as well get a job as a soda jerk or a Milkman amirite?!

But there are currently over 100,000 SEO job postings worldwide according to Linkedin, which may seem like a lot to some people who don’t know that SEO is dead.

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SEO is hard to kill

SEO only dies if one of these things happens:

Though there have been a lot of innovations in SEO since July 1997, neither one of these things have happened and are unlikely to ever happen.

Listen less to the people trying to get your attention by claiming SEO is dead and more to these fine websites that have still not stopped giving good information about SEO, in spite of its untimely death.

Search Engine Roundtable

SEOFomo Newsletter

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Journal

This public service announcement brought to you by Bryson Meunier, who has been working as a professional SEO since 2000, currently works as an SEO for Intuit QuickBooks, and is not planning on changing careers any time soon. With assistance from Google Gemini for programming, which is a discipline whose days are clearly numbered. ;)

Bryson Meunier